Andalusian energy statistics

The energy scenario of Andalusia has changed in recent years. It is evolving from a centralized generation system based on fossil fuels to a more efficient distributed generation system, which exploits to a great extent the renewable resources and reduces our dependence on foreign energy.

Andalusia records a primary energy consumption of 18,672.9 ktoe, 14.7% of the national total. With an energy supply closely linked to fossil fuels, mainly those derived from oil which cover 46% of the total Andalusian energy demand, it presents a high energy dependence from abroad, with imports of almost 90% of energy consumption.

The Andalusian electricity mix is based in a 68.4% on renewable energy sources and natural gas, which represents less than 39% of CO2 emissions per generation unit than the value registered in 2000.

Energy consumption in transport and industry accounts for 67.1% of the total final energy consumption, estimated at 13,349 ktoe.

Active policies together with the regional abundance of autochthonous renewable resources, allows the growing generation of energy from these sources, representing a 17.6% of the primary energy consumption. 

The Andalusian electricity generation mix is growing in renewables -with a 38% of the total installed power- and consequently in production.

In recent years, energy saving and efficiency policies have intensified, meaning a 3.1% reduction in energy intensity, with respect to 2006.

The Andalusian Energy Agency develops an annual energy statistics balance of these data as reflected in Info-ENERGÍA Statistics.