Energy infrastructures in Andalusia


Andalusia has a robust network of energy infrastructures prepared and planned for increased activity in its territory, offering a consistent service with high quality standards.

The infrastructures support the services of the different subsystems:

  • Electrical system: providing coverage to the whole territory with transport and distribution networks, highly diversified generating facilities, where renewable energies have an important significance and are strongly interconnected not only to the national system but also to the international electrical connections.
  • Gas system: regasification plant, storage and unloading port, compressor stations, regulating and measuring stations, transport and distribution networks and international connections (gas pipelines).
  • Oil products: two refineries, ports for unloading and large capacity for storage, as well as full transport network (pipelines).

Recent years have been characterised in Andalusia for the development of important energy infrastructures. Among the activities carried out, the following are highlighted:

  • Extension of the electrical networks of transport and distribution. Andalusia currently counts on 6,300 km lines of transport and more than 60,904 km of distribution lines (december 2022).
  • Construction of gas pipelines, emphasizing the new international connection Medgaz.
  • Implantation of combined cycles (7 plants with 5,953 MW).
  • Substantial growth of facilities of electricity generation using renewable energies. At 30 June 2023, there is an installed power of 10,868 MW.
  • In addition, 10 factories of biofuel production and 13 of pellet manufacture have joined as energy transformation industries to the already existing oil refineries.