Pilot project of electric mobility

Thanks to the improvements included in the centralised contract for the low-voltage electrical supplies adhered to the Energy Network, the Andalusian Regional Government has replaced the fleet of its internal courier service of the various ministries, currently supplied by diesel, by electric vehicles.

Through this pilot project of electric mobility the central services of the regional ministries have an electric vehicle and its corresponding recharging point. This point is connected to a management system which records data on loading, consumption and available quality of the supply minute by minute, as well as information on possible incidents during the recharging process.

The choice of the internal courier service of the Andalusian Regional Government was motivated by the suitability of the characteristics of the service: it covers urban and peri-urban routes and it is a service which is carried out in all regional ministries, which achieves that all these entities which belong to the Energy Network, and that have been entrusted with the management and analysis of the recharging, form part of the project in a coordinated way.

It is estimated that the fuel saving obtained with this measure is more than 20,000 litres of diesel per year, thus avoiding the emission of 49 tons annually of CO2, the equivalent to the withdrawal of twenty cars from circulation. The average cost of travelling 100km with the vehicles currently used in this service is approximately 10.5 €. With the implementation of the pilot project of electric mobility this cost becomes 2.3 €.

The electrical vehicles of the courier fleet will be recharged at night, during low electricity demand, thus contributing to a more efficient functioning of the electrical system and to an economic saving derived from the lower price of the electricity at these hours.

The following map shows the locations of the recharging points: