Know the Agency

The Andalusian Energy Agency is a government-owned entity assigned to the Regional Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade, whose mission is to develop the policies of the Andalusian Regional Government aimed at optimising the energy supply of our region, from an economical and environmental point of view.

The Agency has been developed as an initiative under the framework of the VI Andalusian Social Agreement as a tool available for the Andalusian social, entrepreneurial and institutional network to promote the sustainable energy development of our region.

The Governing Board approved the Statutes of the Andalusian Energy Agency through Decree 21/2005, of 1st February, which regulates the management and governing bodies of the entity which in turn are governed by a Presidency, a Governing Board and General Direction. An Advice Council acts as a consulting body.

The Andalusian Energy Agency is to coordinate and promote the objectives established in the energy policies of the Regional Government.

To do this, the following objectives will have to be reached:

  • Improve the quality of energy services
  • Develop the infrastructure of energy generation, transport and distribution
  • Obtaining the maximum energy self-supply for Andalusia
  • Promotion of energy saving and efficiency
  • Promotion of renewable energy use and cogeneration technologies
  • Collaboration with public administration in the design of planes and programmes
  • Management of energy incentives conceded by the Andalusian Regional Government
  • Support R+D+I activities in the energy field, serving as an interface of research centres, enterprises and citizens
  • International energy cooperation
  • Information, training, dissemination and social awareness on the importance of renewable energies, energy saving and efficiency

Our Users

Aware of the importance of energy for the development of our region, the Andalusian Energy Agency aims to include a wide range of users in the development of its energy project: enterprises, citizens and public institutions.  


Our main office is located in Seville:

C/ Isaac Newton, 6. Isla de la Cartuja, 41092 Sevilla Icono que enlaza a Google Map  
Tel:  954 78 63 35