One of the services offered by the Andalusian Energy Agency to the different organisms that make up the REDEJA network is training in the energy area, a field that has a high technological and specialised level.


To date, various courses have been realised aimed at the training of the technical and administrative responsibles of the centres adhered to the REDEJA network. In this way, the knowledge and main habits for the management of energy contracts are extended and deepened, such as those relating to energy saving and efficiency, the in-force legislation of the energy market or the promotion of renewable energy in the Andalusian public sector.

  • In the case of the electricity market, and in the scope of the centralised contract for low voltage electricity supply, a total of 6 courses have been realised with an 8 hour duration each (4 in Seville and 2 in Malaga), with a total of 119 participants from different regional ministries and organisms adhered to the REDEJA network, with the aim of improving the knowledge on the electricity sector.
  • Relating to new energy legislation that affects new and already existing buildings, the Andalusian Energy Agency has led and participated in other training lines aimed at those responsible in each centre adhered to the REDEJA network, and focus on:

• Energy efficiency and savings and implementation of renewable energy measures that can be undertaken in these centres. It concerns a working meeting of 5 - 10 hours, based on the demand, to which more than 25 students have attended.

• Regulation of Thermal Installations of Buildings (RITE) and Royal Decree 47/2007 of 19 January, on the Energy Certification of New Buildings. Courses promoted by the Andalusian Energy Agency, in collaboration with IDAE, of more than 70 and 190 hours respectively, to which more than 25 members of the network have participated.

  • Various efficient driving courses have also been carried out, aimed at drivers of the different regional ministries of the Andalusian Regional Government, with the objective of reducing fuel consumption and lengthening the life-span of the vehicles. It concerns a working meeting of four hour duration, which includes two practical classes and one theoretical class on efficient driving techniques. More than 37 professional drivers belonging to the organisms adhered to the network have assisted.