Advice to entities


This field includes two clearly differentiated types of advice; advice corresponding to actions in new buildings and advice directed to the implementation of measures in existing centres.

New consumption centres

  • Analysis and technical advice in the area of energy legislation (Technical Building Code and Energy Saving, Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings, Royal Decree of Energy Certification, etc.), with the objective, in addition to complying with legal requirements, rationalising energy consumption in buildings. This advice is focused on optimising the demand for climatisation and lighting that all new buildings will have and the efficient use of facilities and systems. Always looking for the most optimal energy efficiency rating and a lowering of the cost of the energy billing.
  • Results: From 2008, 19 projects being implemented in consumption centres have been supervised, with the improvement of energy labelling. Thus, more than 4,700 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced.

Existing buildings

  • Advice and assistance to the various entities adhered to the REDEJA network for tenders of reforms and /or improvements that result in a more rational use of energy (reforms of roofs, replacement of windows, installation of lighting, climatisation, etc.).
  • Also, assistance relating to the technical prescriptions, criteria of valuation of tenders and even offers, as a specialised organism, to be an integral part of the committee of experts for this type of bidding.
  • Results: To date, the necessary investments have been carried out to implement more than 140 energy saving and diversification measures, offering an estimated energy saving of more than 919 toe/year. The economic investment of these measures rose to more than 15 million euros, with the concession of incentives from the Andalusian Energy Agency for a value of 3.7 million euros.